Warsaw is the living example of a proverbial Phoenix, having endured a history of invasions and plundering. The rebirth of the city’s culture revolutionized the urban experience for the residents. Today, it has become a vibrant city that has found its roots back to the pre-World-War-II period and has restored its famous landmarks. It’s one city that packs everything vacationers look for in a cultural retreat away from their lives in metropolitan urban centers.

From palaces and castles to churches and impressive street life, it has everything. Here are some tourist attractions to put on your list when you plan an escorted tour to Warsaw.

Krakowskie Przedmiescie

This one-mile-long street is the oldest roads in Warsaw situated at the end of the Royal Route. It truly offers a walk to remember because you can view the Warsaw University, Baroque Churches, and the Presidential Palace all within the mile.

Connecting the Old Town with the Royal Castle, this street is one of the most revered tourist sports for travelers who want a taste of the 15th Century Warsaw. If you’re looking for sculptures amid this nostalgic mile-long journey, watch out for a Madonna and child’s statue that marks the Polish victory in Vienna against the Turkish forces.

Copernicus Science Centre

This one is for all the science geeks. If you’ve extensively read and or know about Copernicus, the scientist who lived from 1473 till 1543, you’d understand why he’s famous for his contributions to mathematics. He was among the most prominent scientists to emerge out of Poland and rectified the misleading theory that the Sun revolves around the Earth. The exhibition in this planetarium is a dedication to the scientific discoveries attributed to Copernicus. If your little one is planning to pursue a science career, this is the perfect place for some inspiration.

Willanow Palace

The sheer beauty and grandeur of this ancient Baroque palace will make it the highlight of your trip to Warsaw. Originally built as a home for King John III Sobieski in the 17th Century, this palace later changed hands among private families who owned it. Miraculously, this beautiful architecture and its vintage furnishings survived WWII and are now home to Warsaw’s rich royal heritage. You can catch music festivals and summer concerts in the royal gardens if you plan a trip at the right time!

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