Vienna is Austria’s historical city, which attracts tourists who are music connoisseurs, history aficionados, or enthusiasts who wish to learn about the culture.

Here are some hand-picked hot spots in the city that offer a unique combination of all elements that complete the Vienna experience. If you selected our guided tours to Austria, make sure to check out these places.


When you land in a new country, the first thing you need is a refreshing drink or a cup of coffee to revive your spirits. Dachboden is a coffee place known for its trendy ambiance and a bar that offers a wide array of choices. Whatever you order to drink, make sure to taste their special seasoned focaccia bread and see how it tantalizes your tastebuds. The terrace offers mesmerizing views of the City Hall and St. Stephan’s Cathedral—don’t miss enjoying that view at sundown!


Enthusiastic about enjoying the local flavors and famous delicacies in Vienna? Head over to this Swiss House, also known as Schweizerhaus. Dining at this restaurant in Prater’s Amusement Park offers a rich cultural experience you’ll never forget. You can enjoy meals in an outdoor setting, surrounded by greens and October’s soft summer breeze till March rolls around.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to order their bestselling chef’s recommended Stelze—a pork dish prepared with caraway seeds, garlic brine, and other seasonings. With a side of mustard, the crisp golden skin melts into a burst of aroma in your mouth that’s unique to the food scene in Vienna.


Coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants are not all there is to explore in Vienna. The city shares the Eastern Alps’ foothills on the northeastern side, and Kahlenberg is the most famous peak in that region. It’s popular among tourists who can easily commute to the highland using public transport. The route to the mountain is scenic in its regard, with the lush Vienna woods and wine taverns offering romantic stays in the middle of the 4-hour hike.

The view from the mountain’s panorama terrace is the highlight of the trip. It gives an aerial glimpse of the entire city, including the glorious Schönbrunn Palace from high above. Who wouldn’t want to be at this spot at a golden hour?


If you’re going to be in Vienna for a few days, don’t miss checking out the largest Habsburg residential palace, which boasts the most precious graphical collection. This art collection consists of master prints of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper, and several other notable architectural and design entries.

You can also visit the Habsburg staterooms, which is as exquisite in real life as in pictures. The gleaming royal furniture, parquet floors, gorgeous Romanesque statues, and elegant corridors present an enriching holiday experience. There have been portrayals of the best of Monet’s and Picasso’s works from the Batliner collection.

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