Every year we offer special holiday season tours to Poland, which are perfect for travelers looking to do something unique and special. You can experience Polish culture, celebrate Christmas, New Year, and other major holidays at the end of the year here, and get a taste of the festivities and activities.

While COVID-19 has affected travel and tourism, and it might be too late to plan a trip in 2020, you can start planning for next year or for other major events coming up. If you’d still like to head over for the season, we can help you plan the perfect trip because Poland has so much to offer.

Here’s what you can look forward to when you spend the holiday season in Poland:

A whole new world of traditions

Like any place in the world, Poland has unique holiday traditions in place. Although they celebrate St. Nicholas’s day on the 6th of December, festivities kick off and last for the greater part of the month. From midnight mass to holiday foods, there’s a lot you’ll be able to witness, possibly for the first time ever. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get close and witness a beautiful culture and everything it has to offer.

Incredible winter weather

Are you craving a white Christmas? Or snowy December? You’re in for a treat! With freezing cold temperatures and frequent snowfall, you can expect to experience true winter over the holidays and even enjoy snow depending on where you are. Everything looks more majestic and magical when it’s covered in snow, doesn’t it? Check ahead for weather predictions and trends before your trip, and lock in the best dates for a snowy holiday season.

Amazing foods and desserts to try

We have some of the most incredible foods, especially holiday meals and feasts. You can enjoy traditional food such as porcini ravioli, mushroom soup, herring, dried food compote, and much more to tantalize your tastebuds. There are various traditional meals and foods that you’ll never be able to find as authentically as a Polish dinner table—and you’ll love every second of it. 

Sense of community and belonging

Poland has a lot of cultures, religions, history, all boiling into one place. Whether you’re in Warsaw or Krakow, you’ll find yourself surrounded by people who want to make you feel at home, at ease, and more comfortable. You’ll find your home away from home and make meaningful connections with locals and other travelers when you tour with us.

Spend time with your loved ones in a unique way. Travel to Poland for the holidays or any time of the year with our Polish-American tours that offer you exclusive insights and take you through the most beautiful destinations. Contact us for more details.