If you’re Polish American, your heritage is probably an important part of who you are. If you feel like you haven’t engaged with your ancestry as much as you should, one of the several things you could do to uphold your traditions and customs and feel more connected to your roots is to take a heritage tour to Poland.

Not only can you expect the trip of a lifetime—especially if it’s your first time visiting Poland—but you can also have a truly enlightening experience. Here are some ways to have an immersive experience on your trip to Poland.

Check out the folk attire

Folk clothing in Poland is decorated with lots of colors that are representative of the diverse cultures of the region. Both men and women wear these bright and cheerful costumes during holidays, festivals, and weddings. Moreover, many dancers don these outfits to entertain large groups at these events with traditional performances.

The way people dress in Poland tells you a lot about what region they’re from and even their marital status! For example, unmarried women are more likely to wear flower headbands and ribbons in their hair, whereas those who are married wear white handkerchiefs.

Most regional attire comes from the following regions: lesser and greater Poland, Pomerania, Warmia, Masuria, Kujawy, Silesia, Podlasie, and Mazovia.

Visit during prime holidays

Poland is predominantly Roman Catholic; most national holidays are centered around Easter, Christmas, and other Catholic traditions. Visiting during these holidays allows you to witness authentic celebrations and have a truly, memorable cultural experience.

You can even check out some unique Polish holidays such as Independence Day.

However, know that when you visit during the holiday season, there is a possibility of several places, such as public offices and shops, being closed.

Visiting the Black Madonna

This ancient Holy Relic attracts religious visitors every year for pilgrimage. Even if you don’t have religious sentiments, you can visit the icon to witness hordes of people praying to the religious icon. Many people believe the Black Madonna can perform miracles.

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