Moscow is the epicenter of Russian politics, culture, art, and history. It was established as a town in 1147 C.E., which makes it around 870 years old! Suffice to say; this bustling city has a lot to offer tourists who come to visit.

Fully exploring Moscow can take days, if not weeks. However, if you have limited time on hand, you must visit these eternal traveler favorites! From historically significant sights to the most beautiful shopping plaza you’ve ever seen, there’s something that the city has to offer everyone.

St. Basil’s Cathedral

If there’s one building you’ve probably already seen in pictures, it’s St. Basil’s Cathedral. Situated in the historic Red Square, the cathedral is so symbolic of Moscow that it’s been confused with the Kremlin itself at times!

The unique architecture is thought to have come from Asian influences during the Russian invasions into the Central Asian States. The interior is as stunning as the colorful exterior. High ceilings with murals on the walls are the highlight, as well as the mazelike floor plan.

Arbat Shopping District

The Arbat District is one of Moscow’s oldest commercial areas. The cobblestone streets were used for traffic until the ’80s, after which the area became a pedestrian zone. The main highlights are the souvenir shops and a statue of the renowned Russian singer Bulat Okudzhava who wrote a classic song about Arbat.

Stroll along the path for a pleasant, relaxing sightseeing visit, and you’ll have the urge to resist spending a small fortune at the quaint cafés and antiquated gift shops.

Kremlin Armory Museum

The Armory Museum dates back to 1508 when the building held the Russian Empire’s jewelry, weapons, and other precious royal household items. Now, the museum displays what it once used to hold.

Don’t be discouraged by the name: the weapons aren’t the only display item there. You’ll get to see rarities like Faberge eggs, Russian royal silverware, ceremonial robes, and more! The grandeur you’ll see here will be unlike anything else you’re like to see in the world.

GUM: Glávnyj Universálnyj Magazín

The whimsical name is nothing like the luxury shopping center is. Located in the Red Square, this colossal building houses some of the most upscale brands such as Prada. However, more affordable shops like Zara are also available if you’re looking to buy something for yourself.

If you’re not inclined to spend money, stroll around and appreciate the magnificence of the domed glass ceiling and the fresh feel of flowers everywhere. Grab an ice cream from the ice cream bike or check out the 1950’s era gourmet store they’ve built inside. Either way, don’t miss out on this unique department store.

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