Even though it’s not the most mainstream European country for a vacation, a private tour to Poland could be an excellent way to spend your vacation days. The country has so much to offer for all kinds of people.

From its cuisine to history; Poland is rich in culture, and the architecture is the stuff of fairytales. You should make sure you include a little bit of everything that the country has on your Polish tour.

The Sumptuous Food

Our favorite Polish-Canadian chef Antoni Porowski of Queer Eye fame has us all loving the mouthwatering Polish food he cooks up sometimes. However, the real deal is even better. Polish food is made to be hearty, delicious, and fulfilling.

Make sure you try out some global favorites, such as smoky Kielbasa or the warm hunter’s stew Bigos for some meaty goodness. Makowiec and Napolenka are also must-try desserts that will wow you!

The Scenic Variety

Poland has almost every kind of landscape imaginable. The country has a considerable coastline, bordering the Baltic Sea and several beach towns that locals and tourists alike love to visit. There are rivers, lakes, mountains, a desert, islands, and wetlands as well in the country.

So, no matter what kind of natural scapes you like, you’re likely to find it in Poland! Moreover, each season brings a unique twist to the environment. Snow in Poland is almost as beautiful in the country as the pleasant springtime is.

The Diverse and Urban Nightlife

What surprises most people about Poland is that the nightlife in each city is quite exciting and varied. Warsaw’s bars and cafes are eclectic, with a progressive glamor that rivals even Berlin. There are endless clubs that you can party the night away in!

On the other hand, Krakow’s traditional center is more refined with its cobbled streets, craft shops, and vintage coffee shops. You can even take a tour of the many themed pubs in Gdansk, the quaint sea town.

The Endless Historical Sites

Poland has had a checkered political and cultural history, starting back in the medieval era. That’s why there are so many opportunities to visit historically significant locations. For example, Warsaw’s Old Town and ghetto are essential World War II sites, as well as the Auschwitz-Birkenau camps near Krakow.

Krakow also boasts a grand market square with St. Mary’s Basilica towering over it. You can also visit the castle in Krakow to get an insight into Polish imperial history.

Are you convinced yet? Poland is the ultimate vacation destination for 2020, and you should book your escorted tour to Poland with us immediately! At Pat Tours, we offer a thoroughly planned vacation with a range of customized options, including combination tours to Lithuania, Russia, Estonia, Germany, and more!