Poland is a country rich with culture. The history of this contested nation is fractured, with borders often changing hands between different governments and rulers. This long history of conflict has left Poland an exciting place to visit, with each region offering something new for travelers to experience.

However, to fully experience each region’s magic, you may have to limit yourself to one part of the country during your escorted tour to Poland. Let’s take a look at each area’s merits so you can figure out where to go.

Northern Poland

The northern region of Poland has the beaches! If that isn’t incentive enough to visit this region, what is? The Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot region is known as the tri-city area where people come to relax in a beach town environment.

For one, Gdansk is known for the extensive riverside paths along the Motlawa River, which runs through a part of the city. Sopot is a relatively smaller town but is best known for the longest pier in Europe and its golden autumn period, just after August. This is when the August chill has faded away, providing a little bit of heat, perfect for lying out in the sun!

Northern Poland also has some amazingly preserved medieval castles and towns like Malbork and Toruń. These spots are great for history enthusiasts and architecture fans! All in all, Northern Poland is t

he place to be for some relaxation and easygoing fun.

Southern Poland

Southern Poland is the epicenter of political history and urban development. With Warsaw, Krakow, and Auschwitz in the area, this is the place you want to go to check out the historical Jewish roots in the area.

The Auschwitz concentration camp has now been memorialized, and a museum stands in the complex. Warsaw and Krakow’s Jewish neighborhoods are also a great place to visit for some history lessons and cultural appreciation.

On the other hand, Southern Poland is also loved for its imperial and religious architecture. The Royal Castle in Warsaw and the Jaszczurowka Chapel in Zakopane are just two examples of majestic buildings you’ll love touring.

Where You Should Be Going

Honestly, both of these regions have so much to offer beyond the pockets of information we’ve been able to offer you. It truly depends on your preferences. If you’re in the mood for a more relaxed vacation, our Poland tour company offers affordable independent travel in the Northern Region for some beachy leisure.

However, for a complete immersion into Polish culture, we also offer escorted tours as a Polish travel agency to the Southern cities. Contact us here or call us at 413-747-7702, and we can help you explore your options for American Polish tours!