If you’re someone who loves traveling and exploring new places, Poland is a great fit for your travel bucket list.

It has a rich historical background, has been home to many significant people across history—including the great Marie Curie—and has been a hub for famous scientific experiments and discoveries.

If you’re having a hard time picking your next travel location, here are some facts you need to know about Poland.

The Polish language Is Actually Extremely Difficult

It’s a trip worth taking even if your only goal is to discover and learn more about the Polish language. We’ve all taken a second or third language class at school. Be it Spanish, Latin, or even Mandarin, you’re probably intimately aware of how difficult the learning process can be.

People who are actually learning a second language often cry out in frustration! Don’t complain before you hear this, though: the Polish language is so hard to read, interpret, and understand that even the Polish natives can’t get it 100% right.

You Can Visit the Wondrous Salt Mines In Poland

Ever visited a salt mine? How about a super beautiful and aesthetic one? If you haven’t, get your bucket list out and write down “Visit Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland,” and we promise the experience will be worth all the trouble of taking a flight there.

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is said to be the most beautiful, fully functioning salt mine in the world with a rich history that dates back to the Middle Ages. The salt extracted from the mine also comes from Miocene; a mine that has nine different levels.

Poland Is Home To The Second Oldest University In Europe

King Casimir III the Great founded The Jaglelloninan University as the second university in Europe. The first one was opened in Prague around sixteen years before this one. The university still stands today, with more than 43, 405 students to its name.

Significant people like Nicolaus Copernicus, John Paul II, or Bronislaw Malinowski have all graduated from here.

If these facts have piqued your interest, maybe it’s time for you to grab your bags and take that trip.

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