Poland is a vast country with a lot to offer, so it’s hard to see all of it in one go. The southern, northern, central, and western regions all have unique cultures, landscapes, and histories.

Moreover, depending on your interests, you may not want to visit the same old clichéd spots that everyone flocks to. However, your escorted tour to Poland doesn’t have to look the same as everyone else’s, because options to change up your itinerary are endless!

Let’s look at some ways you can get your custom Polish tour package.

Look Beyond Poland

One way to explore Poland is to explore it in relation to other European countries in the area. Although Poland has a lot to offer on its own, sometimes all you crave is a diverse and fast-paced adventure.

In those cases, a combination tour of Lithuania and the other Baltic states comes highly recommended with a Poland vacation. You could also step into Russia’s exciting world or get the authentic continental experience by traveling through Germany, Hungary, Austria, and more!

Concentrate on One Region

The opposite end of the spectrum could also work for you. Focus on one region in Poland instead of a transnational trip. You could get a little bit more provincial with the mountains and quaint towns in Southern Poland, or look to the coastline in Northern Island for a modern holiday.

This will let you absorb the unique culture of one area instead of jumping around the vast country.

Make Your Independent Itinerary

Who says you have to travel in a group anyway? There are plenty of public tours you can take independently as well. So, you can do your research well, or as a travel agency like us for some counsel and create your one-of-a-kind plan.

We provide our clients with all the essential information they’ll need, such as train schedules, tour details, and tourist services.

Organize by Theme

This one is a little harder to follow, but the concept is intriguing. You could go on an escorted tour to Poland that’s been curated based on purpose. For example, some people love to travel in December for a new Christmas experience. You can create a custom itinerary to hit all the famous spots during the holiday season.

Poland also draws many Catholic people, for whom a pilgrimage oriented itinerary works best.

Get a Rental Car and Follow Your Impulses

The last option is the most unpredictable, but it can be the most fun! The best way to have a vacation that’s true to your wishes is to follow your soul’s impulses. Get a rental and just drive in any direction you want, with the freedom to choose a new plan every day!

At Pat Tours, we encourage our clients to choose the option that feels best for them — because we provide assistance and support for all of them! From car rental support to a full catalog of preplanned private Polish tours, we have it all. Contact us to have a chat with one of our Polish experts and create a vacation that’s ideal for you.